Neoprene Support OC-S- 669

Neoprene Support is the latest model of the neoprene support, for added support and protection for the ankle by comfort and protection and thus becoming the leading choice of the professionals. The elite-class Superior Neoprene Support is designed to act as an ultimate solution to the ankle protection needs in all situations. Offer firm and steady assistance from plantar fasciitis discomfort. It is intended to offer firm grip around your feet muscles which increases blood circulation and condenses soreness.


New unique Silicon/ Neoprene design offer firm and steady assistance from plantar fasciitis discomfort.
Design to follow contours of ligaments and tendons, to provide additional provision and firmness to the ankle.
Heat Retention technology for increased blood flow and oxygen supply, it removes excess perspiration and allows the skin to breathe.
Extra compression and support for quick healing of injuries. It helps to soothe and protect against stiff joints and muscles.
Anti-moisture technology wicks away perspiration and dampness. Your ankle remain dry and odor less. It disregards moisture and wicks away wetness thus, you stand hygienically clean.