Neoprene Support OC-S- 6619

These knee protector straps measure 78 inches long, giving you fantastic adjustability and providing maximum knee support and compression. Designed to be comfortably tight, this knee guard will not let you down. Enhance your workout, prevent injuries, and use this elasticated knee guard for cold or hot pack therapy to speed up recovery. Engineered with heavy duty elastic for effective grip which eradicates the need for pre-workout chalking, and a highly customisable design for a comfortable fit. One size fits all and sold in a pair.


Made of heavy duty elastic to provide comfy compression for the knee
Super tight extreme rubber strands for knee wraps that offer the ultimate rebound
Outstanding grip which eliminates the need for chalking the knees
Ideal for cold pack therapy to assist with the recovery of acute knee injuries
Measures 78″ long and 3” wide for maximum length and adjustability