Gym Gloves OC- 98-10032

Introducing the Phantom-AX weight lifting gloves that have a lightweight build, but are intended for hardcore lifting. Hand-conforming and highly breathable Lycra are double stitched with quality materials such as Amara fabric and black suede leather for the most comfort, and durability ever to grace a bodybuilder’s hands.


Lightweight, highly breathable and stretchable Lycra offers maximum comfort, and durability
Goat leather between finger webbing prevents common tears seen in other gym gloves during heavy lifting
Perforated Amara fabric is super durable and allows heat to escape through its strategically placed vents
Black suede leather ensures an unprecedented grip and comfort thanks to the 3mm anti-pressure padding under it
Easily applicable neoprene Quick-EZ hook-and-loop allows convenient on/off along with pull-tabs