Gym Gloves OC- 98-10026

This is where science meets sportswear; introducing ladies weight lifting gloves made with a medical-grade leather that supports and binds your hand whilst delivering matchless comfort and prevents blisters or calluses. So you can withstand any punishment in the gym without the risk of injury or soreness. Not only are these durable women’s gym gloves built to last a lifetime, but you will also have superb grip with weights, better breathability and freedom of movement, plus an easy to wear glove that can be quickly slipped on or off at any time.


Made from a surgical-grade, washable Amara fabric that offers long-lasting performance
Comfortable design that helps to prevent skin irritation, blisters or sores.
Anatomical pad system designed to strengthen your grip when lifting
Coolmax Lycra to promote better ventilation and hand dryness
Sleek and stylish shape for women that also promotes natural hand movement