Gym Gloves OC- 98-10019

Presenting our latest line of patent pending weight lifting gloves. We call it Phantom-AX, thanks to its super lightweight build and use of superior quality fabrics. Intended for hardcore lifters, these hand-conforming Lycra gym gloves are breathable and are made with ease and comfort in mind. Amara fabric and black suede leather come together to offer a superbly durable palm, and an unfailing grip.


Highly breathable, lightweight and stretchable Lycra offers unrivalled comfort during intense weight lifting sessions
Goat leather between finger webbing combats any chance of finger tear commonly experienced during heavy lifting
Super durable Amara fabric is perforated to allow heat to escape for maxed out comfort
Black suede leather with 3mm padding under it not only offers a solution to bad hygienic conditions, but also fights calluses while providing cushioning against heavy weightage
These patent pending Gloves have Quick-EZ hook-and-loop allows convenient on/off along with pull-tabs