Gym Gloves OC- 98-10011

Comfort and durability, two elements that make a product of high-quality. latest weightlifting gloves have redesigned their idea of gym gloves by making it more about the comfort rather than the grind, without sacrificing the gains. Make your grueling workout less daunting using our highly comfortable Lycra training gloves that can be used for more than just bodybuilding, you could use it for a range of fitness activity such as bicycling, rowing, or training.


Lycra weight lifting gloves conform to the hand’s intricacies for improved blood flow and max breathability
Suede palm provides a no-slip grip while preventing blisters
3MM cushioning under suede doubles up on traction against the rod or bar of your choice
Authentic leather webbing between thumb and index ensures maximum zero chances of tearing during grueling sets
Can be used for other fitness activities such as rowing, cycling, and training