Gym Essentials OC-W-1176

This highly advanced gym bag is as practical as it is stylish. Made with a resilient synthetic fabric for quality, water resistant construction for all weather wear, stubborn scuff defiance so your bag stays looking newer for longer, plus fungi and moth repellence for incredible durability, our bags are the best around. Designed for heavy loads with the chest strap and padded shoulders, this sports bag is also ideal for hiking or travel. A top choice of daypack or sports bag for pro athletes.


Superior synthetic fabric with low absorbency and high resilience
Tarpaulin bottom and sides for water repelling capabilities to keep your kit dry
Resistant to fungi and moths for a sports gear bag that lasts and lasts
Anti-abrasion design to prevent scuffs and visible signs of wear and tear
Adjustable chest strap and padded shoulder straps for comfort and heavy load support