Gym Essentials OC-W-1172

Get a kick-ass boost with the smart slimming technologies of this unique thermal sauna suit; a weight loss neoprene shirt that increases heat within your body and induces sweat without causing any discomfort or nasty odours. This slimming sauna suit is made of a non-toxic material and it is designed to increase sweat output by up to 70%, boost blood flow to prevent injury or post-workout soreness, and uphold optimum muscle heat even in the coldest conditions. With a zip-up front, it’s easy to pull on and off, plus the slender design makes it easy to exercise with total freedom.


Ultra Flex 3mm neoprene fabric for a gym sauna suit that assists in keeping trim
Heat trapping system increases sweat output, maintains muscle temperature and increases circulation
Ergonomically designed to offer freedom of movement during workouts or high intensity training
Front zip closure for ease of use and added security
Easy hand wash item and dries quickly after washing