Gym Essentials OC-W-11710

Abrasive rashes are always a problem, particularly if your chosen fighting style involves a lot of grappling. Our long-sleeved rash-guards are designed to protect your skin, and are made using our proprietary NEO II™ fabric. This super-stretchable polyester blend allows for fluid movement in any scenario, and, thanks to the inclusion of heavy-duty microfibers, is even capable of wicking sweat away from your body in record time, which makes our rash vests ideal for MMA, Ju Jitsu, traditional wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing.


Made from treated polyester that is durable, and anti-microbial
Rash guard tops wick sweat and moisture away from the body for improved comfort
Enhances blood flow to key muscle groups, reducing recovery times and enhancing your natural endurance
Built with flat seams to improve flexibility and comfort
Long sleeve rash guard gives complete cover to torso and arms