Gardening Gloves OC- G-791-06

Material – Leather
Recommended Uses For Product – Gardening
Special Feature – Puncture Proof
Material Type – Goatskin and cow leather
Get extra protection for fingers, hands and forearms
They’re puncture-resistant.


Machine-crafted for the professional rose gardener, the reinforced, double-layered natural goatskin leather fingertips and palms will protect you from basically any punctures and scratches you might face when gardening.
They’re comfortable.

Not only are the leather gardening gloves lightweight (but tough), the high tensile strength goatskin leather feels soft on your skin even after hours of labor. On top of that, the wrists are reinforced with a comfort-fit Spandex band to keep the Thorn proof gardening gloves in place while you work, and the thumbs are designed to easily grip tools and clippers.
They not only protect your hands but your forearms too.

The Canadian-style extra long yard gloves sleeves reach 18 inches up to your forearms to extend your reach deep into thick bushes and brush.